Program Concepts

Why Whole Foods?

Whole food nutrition improves health and prevents disease and is quite simply the best way to nourish the body.  Whole foods retain their beneficial nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes, much of which is stripped out of highly processed foods.  Whole foods are also generally higher in fiber, which is incredibly important for your health.  So, Mom was right all along...  you should eat your fruits and veggies!  

Why Intermittent Fasting?

Because if Benjamin Franklin was talking about it hundreds of years ago, there has to be something to it!  There is something to it!  Your body is in one of two states when it comes to eating:  fed or fasted.  When your body is in a fed state, the body has to prioritize digestion.  When your body is in a fasted state, the body can work on other important processes.  Fasting has been proven to improve immune system function, allow the body to heal itself, and play a big role in promoting a healthy heart.  

Why Carb-Cycling?

We carb-cycle in the FASTer Way so we can have the best of several worlds.  We intentionally consume carbs because they are our body's preferred source of energy.  Using carbs, our body has the necessary energy it needs to be efficient in the building of lean muscle tissue.  On the other hand, we also intentionally limit carbs to take advantage of the state of 'ketosis', where the body is in a high-gear fat-burning state.  This intentional 'cycling' of carbs gives us the benefits of ketosis, while still maintaining high energy levels and body process efficiency.  Carb-cycling also helps us maintain optimal thyroid function and hormone balancing, which is risked by continual depletion of carbs.

Why workouts?

We implement strength-training and cardio workouts strategically accompanied with our food cycle to maximize the burning of fat and the building of lean muscle.  We lift, we get our heart rates up, and we rest our bodies too.  Don't let the workouts scare you.  There are beginner workouts with demonstrations of each move.  There are at-home workouts where all you need is a pair of dumbbells.  There are also gym workouts for those who prefer they gym.  The workouts are all there for you, laid out day by day, move by move.  And if you can't implement workouts at the start, or ever for that matter, that's ok.  I am proof this program works even if you are unable to do the workouts.

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Carbs are your body's preferred source of energy.